Albert Donadi



​​Performing Artist / Songwriter

     Albert Donadi was born and raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania. His musical journey started at an early age learning rhythm with percussion instruments at school, joining the concert and marching band as a drummer up until the 8th grade.  It was then when his parents bought him his first guitar.   His family was his early influence.  His mother took guitar lessons and played in a band through her high school years, and his father loved singing in church, at home and in the car.  His older brother and his friends were also trying to teach themselves to play guitar.  "There were a lot of inspirational people around me during that time in my life, helping me hone in my craft as a guitar player but my focus on singing came a little later down the road.  Once I went to college I started playing solo acoustic gigs in loud bars and house parties which forced my voice to get stronger, looking back on it it amazes me how driven I was to work on my singing and guitar while playing college football and studying to be an elementary teacher."   

     After graduating college he began his career as a Elementary School Teacher, for 6 years he taught and played gigs whenever he could. In 2011, he decided to follow his dream and make music his full time career.  He packed up his van and headed south.  Over the past 5 years Al has been playing "live" on a weekly basis mainly on the West Coast of Florida. Living and working in the area allows him to connect with many of the local musicians, who all have influenced him in becoming the musician he is today. "Everyone I've made music with has influenced me in someway or another.  From small porch jams to festival stages; In Pennsylvania and down the east coast to the Florida community,  So many talented souls I've had the opportunity to musically communicate with."  His last album was completed at the Spirit Ranch Studio with legendary Bud Snyder who engineered/produced The Allman Brothers Band.  Al continues to write  and is planning releasing another album in 2018.  In his spare time Al enjoys family and friends, bmx, stand up paddle board, disc golf, and being outdoors as much as possible. "My goal is to create awareness about real life felt situations though my music."